Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the old girl does jabber up a storm.

Yes, yes, plain old flowers. These are to be gifts for family this holiday season. I wanted to do something for a select few who are awfully supportive but don't exactly have a taste for "creepy/weird." So, flowers.

Mummyish. I don't know where all this pink keeps coming from.

I keep thinking about the episode of The Oblongs where Milo stops sleeping. The scene where he makes tea and crumpets in class. That is essentially me as of late, but with the added bonus of a lingering cold. It seems rare that I manage to stay asleep for more than three hours. Eventually I will flood the house to get some rest. In other news, earlier today a tree fell on our dog. He's okay--his trolley cable took the worst of the impact and he was just trapped under some lighter branches. So that was fun. First a tree fell on the neighbors' house, now this. What will be the trees' next victim? My car? Probably my car.


  1. sucks about the tree thing :[
    but i really like the last painting!

  2. Yeah, I'm thankful it wasn't worse, though.
    And thank you!

  3. Those are pretty cool paintings. Very pretty. Also, trees are evil in a way few people know about. Dwarves know better.

  4. Thank you, Mr. Toast.
    I like trees. A lot. Just not when they're falling on stuff I like.