Thursday, February 18, 2010

prints good! life good!

monster presents prints
Getting my first print order ready to go out tomorrow. Frankenstein's monster is my spokesmodel. I sold these through Facebook. No sales over at etsy, yet, but I added some more prints today anyway. (EDIT: shortly after this post, I made my first etsy sale!) Consider purchasing them.
I have abandoned this painting but I'm going to get back at it soon.
Last night's episode of Taboo on National Geographic was about death, and it was fascinating. It also kind of confirmed for me that, while I still think about it from time to time, my decision not to go to mortuary school was the right one. Maybe because there are more interesting things people can have done with their remains than traditional burial or cremation. You can donate your corpse to Body Worlds, for example. I'd really love to go to one of these exhibitions.

There was another segment I was really interested in about South Korea's Coffin Academy, where people can go to experience what their funerals would be like in order to get a fresh take on being alive. This is probably as close to having something like Chicken Soup for the Soul as it gets for me.

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