Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i am not dead. i am still drawing.

day 37 day 38
I'm trying to get caught up on scanning and uploading my daily drawings, but it's going very slowly. 'Cause I kind of hate scanning things.

A little while back I had an eye infection of some sort which caused swollen eyelids, occasional leaking and enough hurting/itching to annoy the ever living hell out of me. And so, the drawings during this time all had an eyeball/missing eye theme. Here are a few of them:
day 39
day 40
day 41
I'll try to get the rest of these scanned up tomorrow...and then the drawings from the other 18 or so days....Today will be day 60. I'm honestly amazed I've lasted this long.

Anyway, the eye hurt drawings got me to thinking it might not be a bad idea to start having a weekly theme for the daily drawings, to keep me motivated and keep things interesting. I also thought about drawing every single character from LOST and Deadwood, as that would pretty much last me the rest of the year, ha. But, if anyone has any ideas for themes I could take on, do let me know! I think I will start off this week by only drawing guys. Will I be able to do this? I don't know. If I do, will they all be wearing ties? Probably.

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